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Amy can help you navigate your child’s feeding and nutrition concerns with care and compassion.  Some of the topics that Amy works daily with include

•  Picky eating

•  Mealtime help

•  Food aversions

•  Tube feeding weans

•  Weight Faltering

•  Constipation

•  Poor intake in the breastfed infant/toddler


Amy meets with families via a telehealth platform.  Amy will listen to your concerns, see what has been working for you and what has not and then form a plan that works with your family.   Amy can be reached by phone, email or text to schedule an appointment

Initial – telehealth

• 1 hour Nutrition Counseling Session

•  Written Report



Follow up – telehealth

• 1 hour Nutrition Counseling Session

•  Short Written Summary




• 15 minute to 1 hour Phone Consultation